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Plone4bio commercial

Commercial release of the biosequence browsing and annotation software.

plone4bio commercial editionThe commercial release of Plone4Bio leverages on the power and flexibility of the open source version, to provide a flawless integration with other BioDec components:

  • full CMS features: content management based on several standard content types (files, pages, RSS feeds) and availability of  user-defined content types,
  • annotated databases: our decoders where used to annotate public databases that may include Uniprot, NCBI and Ensembl,  thus providing a reliable and meaningful metadata set disclosing specific properties of every biosequence. The information is cross-linked both internally (among related biosequences within each database) and externally (among different databases). Every biosequence listed is also linked to the original database website,
  • user-defined biosequences: a specific database may be instantiated and populated with the customer's own biosequences, the subject of user-driven annotation,
  • decoders: the available decoders may be used to annotate biosequences from any biosequence database.

Plone4bio (commercial release) may be seen as an user-managed pipeline for biosequence analysis and comparison.