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Bioinformation Management System

BioDec's main software product. The BMS harness the power of the best open source CMS for the management of your lab diary, and record it in compliance with user-defined workflows. Integration with annotated publicly available or private biosequence databases may provide ground-breaking insights about significance and implications of experimental data.

What is it ?

Also deeply rooted in Plone4Bio, the Bioinformation Management System (BMS) bundle is composed by BioDec's own lab data management software (the BMS proper), integrated with BioDec's own Plone4Bio and the annotated databases: it includes Plone interfaces to collect, manage and analyze laboratory data coming from specific molecular biology techniques.

Lab diary

 Apart from the usual lab diary, recording aims and conditions of the experiment, the BMS interfalaboratory diaryce includes specific, structured pages for the recording of experimental data, specific of each technique. Data may include digital images, and may be shared within a working group or an organization according to flexible, entirely user-defined security levels. Customizable workflows are supported, and may differ for specific techniques or Customer specifications, thus ensuring a full match between the rules applied in the lab and the data lifecycle.

Specialized lab data management

Among the supported techniques:

  • Immunogenic assays:  an user-compiled data grid may complement the image of the immunogen-coated grids / plates and allow the registration of data for each grid cell.
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction techniques: specific information including data about amplification cycles is supported both for single sample PCR (usually leading to an electrophoresis) and for PCR array multi-sample analisys
  • Electroph oresis blot techniques: informations about experimental protocol are recorded, and gel images may be included.

Furthermore, extra data types and pipeline customization are available as new on-demand development (see the consulting section).

laboratory data

As an example, we extended BioDec BMS with features for the management of genetic data, as needed in the fields of Molecular Anthropology and Genographics. The result is Haplone: a BMS application for the management of haplogroup trees.