BioDec's World Plone Day 2 - Contént Tour in Milan

BioDec, along with RedTurtle and Abstract, decided to hold their Contént Tour event in Milan on the date of the World Plone Day

BioDec's World Plone Day 2 - Contént Tour in Milan

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Contént Tour is a popularization initiative for a target of SMBs and Public Organizations, aimed at filling a knowledge gap about free software and in particular about Plone.

Four stops are planned: after the Bologna event in January, the tour will stop in Milan on 28 April, in coincidence with the WPD.

BioDec will talk about Open systems for integration and security and demonstrate its Bioinformation Management System.

Other subjects that will be illustrated in this free-access will include:

  • Free software, from ideology to practice
  • Opportunities of web-enabled interfaces as opposed to classic client interfaces
  • DEMO - Plone, an open CMS: portals and contents in the Web 2.0 era
  • DEMO - Plone Intranet: Collaborative workspaces for the groupware
  • DEMO - Plone Intranet: document, organization and process management
  • DEMO - Integrations: Google Docs and OpenOffice
  • DEMO - GIS integration, free GIS