BioDec's World Plone Day 1 - HaPlone in Ferrara

HaPlone will be the subject of a talk by BioDec's Andrea Zauli at the World Plone Day event organized by the AUSL (National Health Agency) of Ferrara

BioDec's World Plone Day 1 - HaPlone in Ferrara

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Ferrara is the "de facto" Italian Plone capital for the Public Sector, boasting no less than six primary Public Organization using Plone:

To celebrate the World Plone Day, AUSL Ferrara is organizing a first-of-a-kind event, involving PloneGov Italia members as well as general public, to propose an overview on the state of Plone with particular reference to the biomedical/health sector.

In recognition of its contribution in the sector of molecular anthropology, BioDec is among the invited speakers. Andrea Zauli will relate about HaPlone as a case study: incidentally, this will be the day's only presentation of a Plone application for research and discovery.