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BioDec's new product line officially launched

Still glad to provide custom applications, BioDec recently engineered some innovative turnkey solutions, available for installation or as outsourced web services

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AICA Congress 2009: BioDec as a case study

While many research institutions and universities use Plone for their websites, BioDec's solutions may be the only case - at least in Italy - of an application of Plone to operational research

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A poster for BioDec at the 4th "DNA Polymorphism in Human Population" Congress

BioDec's Haplone will be the subject of a poster at the Congress, dedicated to "Molecular Anthropology in the Genomic Era"

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Meet us in Trieste: "Business Day" at the AREA Science Park

BioDec will be present at the "Business Day" planned for 2 October 2009 at the Area Science Park in Trieste

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plone4bio STABLE is out !

We have released a new stable release of plone4bio, with BioSQL support.

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