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Integrated Web Interfaces

Harmonization and integrated management of heterogeneous data.

A flexible CMS, such as Plone, provides the fittest, most economical and most efficient solution to the problem of integrating data from several sources (business application, Web services and applications, databases) in a single interface.

The fruits of such an integration and harmonization can be easily and diffusely accessed, on the Intranet as well as on the Web, just by using a browser.

The potential is not limited to simple visualization of heterogeneous data in a common interface, but includes the computation of new aggregates from the various applications, and the design and management of new complementary databases, containing new aggregates or new atomic data non managed previously.

Among the possible use cases, we find Web interfaces for the lab: conversing with analytic device-native applications, and allowing the addition of supplementary information, they speed up the work and make it safer and more controllable, thanks also to Plone customizable workflows and to the possibility of bidirectional update of the integrated databases via Plone connectors.