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IT Infrastructures

From single servers to clustered HPC solutions, insourced and outsourced.

BioDec offers also software system and network services, in particular regarding the integration of wide-area Internet software applications

Since the beginning, as all bioinformaticians do, we felt the need of computing power with a favourable price/quality ratio, and - in some projects - also of High Performance Computing (HPC).

Thanks to our system and ICT networks skills, we have always been able to design, provide and maintain, for ourselves and for our Customers, cost-effective infrastructures, starting from scratch or integrating with existing installations.

We manage our server room and those of some of our Customers with the same level of security and attention for details.

We can analyze and optimize the effectiveness of your infrastructures, taking care of load balancing, high availability, performance and security.

Our services include:

  • the analysis and the optimization of the Customer's IT infrastructures;
  • software system consulting and assistance;
  • turnkey IT infrastructures, both of servers and HPC systems - either in hosted and premise-based installation.