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BioDec history, staff and partnerships

We have many years of experience in the research and design of bioinformatics tools and in the integration of web technologies.

Our past

It all started back in 2002, when CASP-winning decoders were implemented with a graphic interface and packaged for distribution as the first Biodec products. Top-notch technology is still there, deep in the bowels of BioDec products, that with time grew from the original precision tools to the present integrated solutions and services.

Our present

Even though committed to the continuous improvement of its products and to the development of new modules, BioDec likes to collaborate with its customers to design new software tailored to the continuously evolving needs of the pharma and biotech businesses.
Thanks to our academic and business management experience, we can offer cutting-edge bioinformatic consulting as well as the outsourcing of bioinformatics and conventional IT research projects.

Our future

Peculiar conditions give us an edge over most competitors:

  • the innovation flowing through the umbilical cord still connecting BioDec to its originating bioinformatics research establishment, the Bologna Biocomputing Group,
  • our investments in continuing education of our staff,
  • our participation in the events of the Plone community.

All success factors giving us a solid and timely understanding of research and market trends, and making us a proactive and well-informed partner for anybody interested in bioinformatics.

BioDec People

BioDec technical staff, including professional researchers and benefiting of the support of eminent scientific advisors, may engage anytime in the development of new applications and ensures the high standing of our technical solutions.

Papers from our staff

Scientific advisors

  • Prof. Rita Casadio Group leader of the CIRB biocomputing unit and Full Professor of Biophysics at the University of Bologna.
  • Prof. Piero Fariselli Researcher of the Computer Science Department of the University of Bologna.
  • Prof. Pier Luigi Martelli Researcher of the CIRB biocomputing unit.


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