High quality bioinformatics, LIMS, IT infrastructures and consulting.

Started as a spin-off of an academic research group, BioDec has been providing high quality bioinformatics software and consulting services for postgenomics since 2002. We recently restructured our software offer, now available both as SaaS and as a software bundle for premise-based installation.


It is based on our new BMS (Bioinformation Management System) a CMS-based LIMS including lab data management functionalities for an increasing number of molecular biology techniques - among which we cite electrophoresis, PCR and antibodies detection - and on the publicly available Plone4bio free open source package. Our cutting edge decoders, mostly developed by our own staff and published in scientific journals, are included in our software bundles and allow us to generate and maintain our annotated databases.


New products usually materialize from case studies, like in the case of Haplone, our novel and innovative Molecular Anthropology platform. BioDec provides also on-demand consulting services.

We also provide services (design, implementation, management, consulting) and turnkey solutions in the field of IT infrastructures, including HPC solutions.

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